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Finding my calm

As a veteran wife of a 23 year Special Ops soldier, who was often deployed to undisclosed, typically dangerous locations for unknown periods of time, I had to learn very quickly that it was necessary for me to take care of myself so I could show up for my children.

I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle that provides clarity, inner harmony (internal balance), happiness and the energy to do things I want to do in life, and I want the same for you.

I researched, tested and tried several strategies to find my own personal way to care for and empower myself. I want to speed up this process for moms like you that are in the same spot I was in AND provide you the support and accountability I never had.

Finding my calling

I feel called to share my expertise, guidance and education. I want to guide you in overcoming obstacles and living a healthier and happier life because I know it is possible. I know that my research, experiences and lessons can support you and make a difference in your life.


I am driven and passionate about helping, supporting and guiding moms through transformation. As a part of my journey to further educate myself so I can help you to the fullest extent, I have proudly been certified as a Health Coach from the Health Coach Institute, a Behavior Change Specialist with the National Association of Sports Medicine, completed the CIJ Clarity Catalyst Program and am a certified Restorative Yoga Instructor.

I want you to nurture yourself before others.

I want you to find pleasure in the small things.

- Siouxsie

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