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The Revive & Thrive program is different from anything you will ever do, because it truly is easy to follow and fits into a busy schedule. You don't feel overwhelmed because it is so much easier to take small steps every week instead of jumping into the deep end and drowning. I loved the videos, it was easy to understand and explained well. I think I have been successful because my awareness has drastically increased which is helping me make the proper changes.


Hannah, Realtor & Mother of 3

Revive & Thrive E-Course

Siouxsie is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She’s a wonderful teacher and leader. I recommend her coaching if you feel any bit lost, unmotivated, or overwhelmed in your wellness journey. She’ll be sure to help in a major way.


Tracie, Marketing Consultant &

 Mother of 3 

Fight the Fatigue Program 

Before coaching with Siouxsie, I struggled with making time for myself and not feeling guilty. Then Siouxsie taught me that if I slowed down and became more self aware it would benefit others in addition to myself.  The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Siouxsie are simplifying my life to lessen my stress,  setting healthy boundaries and practicing mindfulness when I eat. What I enjoyed most about coaching with her is how genuine she is. Siouxsie helped me realize how much I needed to take a step back and focus on my health and wellbeing.


Karrie, Family Nurse Practitioner &

Mother of 3

12 Week Transformation Program 

I have been working with Siouxsie for almost a year. She is super supportive and positive. Over the last few months I
have gained self-awareness and have learned so much. I now have a plan that will lead to success. I feel hopeful working my steps weekly with her support. If you are looking to make positive changes and need some help I highly recommend working with Mindful Motivation & Wellness!

Audrey, Full time Mom/ Part time Assistant 

Mother of 2

1:1 Private Coaching 

Siouxsie’s knowledge and understanding of how a women’s mind works and what we need to take care of ourselves is on point! She makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable and helps you to realize how important it is for us as moms and women to practice self care. 


Mindy, Business Owner 

Mother of 3

Restorative Yoga and Workshop Attendee 

As a new mom I was completely feeling lost on how to navigate this new role along with maintaining the balance of going back to work and everything else life throws at you. Siouxsie helped me align my goals and find ways to work through the stress while starting to form a life balance. She kept me accountable which help set lifestyle habits that have kept me on track with my goals in maintaining a less stressful, healthy, balanced life as a new working mom! She is absolutely the best!!!


Molly , Marketing Consultant 

 Mother of 1

Private 1:1 Coaching 

Mindful motivation and wellness provides a deeply relaxing experience, promoting mental and physical rejuvenation. The gentle poses and prolonged holds encourage stress release, flexibility, and a sense of inner calm. Siouxsie Creates a beautiful, calming, connective space . Highly recommended for overall well-being!!


Keri, Mortgage Lender 

Mother of 2

Restorative Yoga Attendee 

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