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The Revive & Thrive program is different from anything you will ever do, because it truly is easy to follow and fits into a busy schedule. You don't feel overwhelmed because it is so much easier to take small steps every week instead of jumping into the deep end and drowning. I loved the videos, it was easy to understand and explained well. I think I have been successful because my awareness has drastically increased which is helping me make the proper changes.


Hannah, Realtor & Mother of 3

Revive & Thrive E-Course

Siouxsie is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She’s a wonderful teacher and leader. I recommend her coaching if you feel any bit lost, unmotivated, or overwhelmed in your wellness journey. She’ll be sure to help in a major way.


Tracie, Marketing Consultant &

 Mother of 3 

Fight the Fatigue Program 

Before coaching with Siouxsie, I struggled with making time for myself and not feeling guilty. Then Siouxsie taught me that if I slowed down and became more self aware it would benefit others in addition to myself.  The 3 most significant results I’ve experienced from coaching with Siouxsie are simplifying my life to lessen my stress,  setting healthy boundaries and practicing mindfulness when I eat. What I enjoyed most about coaching with her is how genuine she is. Siouxsie helped me realize how much I needed to take a step back and focus on my health and wellbeing.


Karrie, Family Nurse Practitioner &

Mother of 3

12 Week Transformation Program 

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