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How are you complicating life?

Life can get overwhelming, especially for us women who tend to take on more than we should. Often, we say yes to everything only to find ourselves burnout and wishing we had more time for what truly matters. It's time to simplify and prioritize our core values.

Common ways we complicate life:

  1. Overcommitting to social events

  2. Sacrificing self care

  3. Failing to set boundaries at work and at home

Solutions to simplify life:

  1. Learn to say no when necessary

  2. Schedule time for self care activities weekly...yes weekly!

  3. Communicate your boundaries clearly and assertively

Which one of these can you relate to the most? Remember, you deserve a life that is fulfilling and aligned with your values. Just because your a mom doesn't me you should sacrifice your your sanity and constantly feel stressed out!

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