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Let the grass grow

If you are anything like me, you might feel more organized if you are in control or in charge. It might serve us well depending on the situation, however it can also eliminate the beauty in things.

Flowers growing in uncut lawn
Flowers growing in uncut lawn

What do I mean? Let's use this picture of the flowers for example. If the land would have been mowed, these beautiful wildflowers would not have had the opportunity to display it's beauty for all to see and enjoy.

This can apply to life as well. If we are in constant control, we might miss the opportunity for amazing possibilities. They are eliminated the moment we decide to mow the lawn. Now don't think I'm telling you not to mow the grass...your neighbors or HOA might hate you but you get the point!

Think about it for a moment and ask yourself are there some areas in your life that you could release a little control? It will not happen overnight, but asking yourself is the first step. I myself am still working on this daily! Baby steps!


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